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About True Sahaj Yoga Sharma Bhawan

Whenever a person is surrounded by devils of ego and superego a special mantra om tavmeva sakshat mahatahankara sakshat Shree adi shakti mataji Shree Nirmala Devi namo namah ka mantra jaap karo aur meditate in front of shri mataji.

If you are not able to meditate in pure form say  “ॐ त्वमेव निर्विचार साक्षात श्री आदिशक्ति माताजी श्री निर्मला देवी नमो: नम:।”


This site is from a dedicated follower of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

The main moto of this Sharma Bhawan is to bring people together with love, compassion and live with peace and harmony.

This Sharma Bhawan is located in Noida sector 44, near Amity University and Samsung plant. The ashram is very near to Botanical garden metro station.

The ashram provides best affordable accommodation with 1BHK flats and 1 Room Set at a very reasonable cost on monthly rental basis. The ashram welcomes all people, students, working professionals and families.

We teach sahaja yoga in our ashram completely free.

Turya Turya Ja Farida Blessings